(Child & Adult Care Food Program)

What is the Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)? 
The United States Department of Agriculture’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) was created to assist in improving the nutrition of children in child care. The program is administered through the New York State Department of Health. CACFP is a program whereby family daycare providers and informal providers receive money back for meals and/or snacks meeting nutritional requirements served to children in their care. The goal of the program is to improve the health and nutrition of children while promoting the development of good eating habits and the advancement of nutritional education. CACFP provides services to Chautauqua and Cattaraugus county providers.

How Does the Program Help Children and Childcare Providers?
The programs serves children and childcare providers in three ways:

  • Children receive nutritious meals that meet the CACFP Meal Pattern Requirements.

  • Childcare providers receive valuable meal reimbursement money to help with their meal costs.

  • Childcare providers receive nutrition education and support services to help them teach the children about healthy eating habits.

What is Required to Participate?
Licensed, Registered, and Legally Exempt providers are eligible to participate in the CACFP (The Child and Adult Care Food Program).  
You must:

  • Provide less than 24-hour care.

  • Complete an agreement with your sponsor.

  • Agree to have on-site visits from your sponsor at least three times per year.

  • Prepare and serve meals that meet the CACFP Meal Pattern

  • Record the food you serve when you serve the meal.

  • Keep meal counts and attendance records.

  • Inform parents about the benefits of the food program and the meals for which their child may be claimed.

  • Attend regular training provided by your sponsor.

How Does the Provider Receive Reimbursement?
To receive your meal reimbursement you need to:

  • Keep daily records of meals and children served.

  • Claim only meals that meet the CACFP Meal Pattern

  • Claim only children served the meal.

  • Claim meals for your own child/children if they are eligible and if other children are in care and participating in the meal service.

  • Send your records to your sponsor in timely manner.

What Does the Sponsor Provide?

  • Ongoing support services and training.

  • Reviews your records and determines your reimbursement.

  • Submits your claim for reimbursement to the state agency.

  • Receives your reimbursement from the state and sends it to you.

Meals that providers can claim for reimbursement:

Provider Benefits:

YWCA Jamestown is a sponsor of the Child and Adult Care Food Program. We, as a sponsor, provide the approved Daycare Providers with the following:

  • Reimbursement Checks.

  • Calendar keepers to keep your records organized.

  • Annual Nutrition Workshops (North & South counties).

  • Approved training in CACFP program requirements.

  • Technical assistance.

  • Internet mailing.

  • Download Attendance Sheets and Menus on your own PC for a more convenient way to do record keeping.

  • Email your documents directly to:

  • Monthly newsletter full of information materials.


YWCA Jamestown's CACFP Program provides ongoing training in the nutritional needs of children, food safety, and on-site technical assistance in meeting the program's strong nutritional requirements. Approved providers can receive financial support for providing nutritional meals and snacks in licensed, registered, and/or legally exempt daycares. Legally exempt daycares must care for at least one child that is eligible for DSS subsidies. 

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Vegetable, fruit, or 100% fruit juice


Snack - select 2


Meat / meat alternate

Vegetable, fruit, or 100% fruit juice


Lunch / Dinner


Meat / meat alternate

Vegetable and/or fruit (2)


Contact Information:

CACFP Director:​

Jenna Sikes

(716) 488-2237 ext. 263

YWCA Jamestown

401 N. Main St.

Jamestown, NY 14701 

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